Sport Premium Statement

The government is providing funding to maintained primary schools and academies that is specifically targeted at improving the provision of physical education (PE) and sport.

Each school receives £8,000 plus an extra £5 per pupil.  During the academic year 2017-2018, Parkland Junior School will be receiving a total of £9218.   For a full breakdown on how we intend to spend this money to enhance our PE and Sport provision, please see our Sports Premium Funding Reports.

Physical Education is a key strength at Parkland Junior School. Improvements have been made to the quality of the school’s physical education curriculum, including the inclusion of a wider variety of sports taught. This has given our children the opportunity to try out and develop skills in sports they may not have experienced, nurturing skills within PE.

Extra-curricular clubs have also expanded, with some school staff and external agencies running a variety of clubs; such as football and athletics.

Competition is an integral part of PE at Parkland Junior School and we are looking to add a significant amount of competitive sports during this academic year, consisting of inter-school competitions.

During the upcoming academic year of 2017-2018, our priorities are to:

  • continue to provide outstanding, exciting and inclusive PE and sport to all children.
  • improve teaching and learning of gymnastics, dance and invasion games.
  • increase children’s opportunities to take part in Outdoor and Adventurous activities.
  • continue to increase extra-curricular opportunities including a variety of sports.
  • increase participation in inter-house and intra-school competitions.
  • involve our pupils in competitive sports with other schools within the local area.
  • ensure all children leaving Parkland Junior School can swim 25m independently and competently.

We will continue to use this grant to keep our PE exciting, to improve facilities, equipment and resources and to ensure all teachers have strong subject knowledge in order to consistently teach PE and sport to a high standard. This will continue for the future years, not just this academic year, particularly as our relationship with other schools and sporting facilities continue to grow.

Parkland Junior School aims to enable all children the opportunity to achieve their best academically, emotionally and socially through:

  • Providing high quality learning to enable children to acquire the skills, knowledge and concepts relevant to their future;
  • Promoting an ethos of care, mutual respect and support, where effort is valued and success celebrated;
  • Enabling children to become active, responsible and caring members of the school and wider community.

Parkland Junior School works towards these aims by:

  • Promoting high quality learning and exceptional attainment in PE
  • Providing high quality curriculum entitlement and a high quality learning environment
  • Promoting positive values when teaching PE.
  • Promoting an effective partnership with parents and the wider community.
  • Competitiveness
  • Social, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Development
  • Sportsmanship
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Enjoyment

PE and School Sport shares the responsibility, with all other curriculum areas taught at Parkland Junior School.  Parkland Junior School pupils receive an education that they find exciting, challenging and fulfilling – they know what they achieve is valued.  The teaching and learning is provided in a style which supports the development of lively and enquiring minds; give satisfaction, pride and enjoyment in succeeding, offering challenges and promoting independence and imagination.

During the year of 2017/18 the school received funding for the 239 children on roll. This was a sum of £9218 that was paid in two instalments. The first was £5376 and the second was £3842.

The money this year has predominantly been spent on new resources and equipment for PE, in order to support high quality teaching and learning for PE. The money has also been spent on membership of various sports associations, enabling pupils to compete against other schools in a variety of different sports.

The overall impact has been to offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor sporting activities for children to broaden their experience and their enjoyment of physical activity and sports. It has also enabled more children to take part in competitive games, whether this is during the lunch club or externally at local competitions.

For the duration of this academic year, we will be continuing to update essential PE equipment as well as further investing in continued professional development for staff across the school. Sports Clubs will continue to grow at Parkland Junior, offering children across the school the opportunity to experience new and exciting sporting activities; some of which they may not have experienced before.

Detailed spending so far in 2017/18 is as follows

Amount Area of Spend Impact
£100 Eastbourne Sports and Physical Education Association (ESPEA) Membership to ESPEA for the year. This has provided us with invites to all local competitions.
£20 Eastbourne Primary Schools Football Association membership Parkland Junior School has this year joined the Eastbourne Primary Schools Football Association. Membership of this association has allowed Parkland Junior School to compete in a boys’ and girls’ cup competition, promoting competitive sports between schools within the local area.
£50 Eastbourne Primary Schools Sports Association membership. Parkland Junior School has this year joined the Eastbourne Primary Schools Sports Association. Membership of this association will allow Parkland Junior School to compete against other schools across a wide range of different sports, providing children with the opportunity of competing in different sports disciplines.
£31 Equipment Stopwatches purchased for PE lessons and lunchtime club so that children can compete against themselves and set new timed records for themselves, demonstrating their progression in PE.
£1000 (estimated) PE resources and equipment New equipment will be purchased in order to provide children with opportunities to play new sports, experiencing new sport disciplines. This will be focused towards athletics and being used during sports day at the end of the academic year, allowing pupils at Parkland Junior School the opportunity to showcase the skills they have developed during the years’ taught PE sessions.
£914.50 Equipment Parkland Junior School have purchased a set of new football goal posts to support the school football team as they play more competitive games. Parkland Junior School have entered into a boys and girls league and cup. There have also been tournaments organised in order to promote competitive sports between schools.
£1500 Premier Sports Funding has been allocated to employ sports coaches to take after-school clubs in order to enrich pupils’ experience of PE and School Sport. Premier Sports has enabled a variety of pupils to participate in after-school clubs, developing the PE curriculum.
Estimated £80 Trophies To be purchased and engraved for Sports Day and for Sports Boy and Sports Girl awards at the end of the academic year.  This will ensure that competitive sportsmanship is part of our curriculum, supporting children learning to cope with winning and losing.
£1500 (estimated) Change for Life club During the academic year, Parkland Junior School will look to employ a sports coach in order to target inactive children who do not regularly access sports. The club will be focused towards developing key skills associated with the PE curriculum, which they may lack. This will also aim to tackle any obesity issues which may exist within the school.
£1000 (estimated) Premier Sports Golden Mile Parkland Junior School will look to employ Premier Sports and provide children with the opportunity of taking part in the Golden Mile. This will allow children the opportunity of taking part in athletic activities, within a competitive and supportive framework. This will also provide children with the possibility to set goals for themselves.