What is Behaviour and Safety at Parkland Junior School?

Parkland Junior School is a school which seeks to develop confident, independent, caring and enquiring individuals who are prepared to take a risk but fully understand how to keep themselves and those around them safe from harm. We will provide excellent learning opportunities for children to develop and celebrate exemplary behaviour and a thorough understanding of safety.

At Parkland Junior School we believe preparing the children to be upstanding members of the community is a vital part of their education.

Activities to promote Behaviour & Safety include:

  • Rainbow Rules
  • Our School Reflection
  • Participation in a wide of range of different educational visits
  • Participation in National Anti-Bullying Week.
  • Reading literature about behaviour
  • Lunchtime Helpers & Playground Buddies
  • E-Safety and Safety In Action training
  • Lollipop Crossing Monitors at the infant school, with a focus on the green cross code
  • School Council meetings/surveys
  • Circle Time and PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) lessons
  • The development of SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural) throughout the school, including work on British Values
  • Close work with our PSCO (Police Schools Community Officer)

Behaviour Development

Following the Golden Rules
Following the Rainbow Rules
Promoting Olympic Values during P.E and Sports Events
Promoting Achievement
Promoting Achievement

Behaviour development is shown by:

  • Respect for themselves and each other (demonstrating good manners)
  • A sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves and the world
  • An understanding of the Rainbow Rules
  • Incorporating Learning Powers in their behaviour
  • Willingness to reflect on their own experiences

At Parkland Junior School we promote behaviour development through:

  • Daily whole school assemblies and special themed assemblies
  • Class assemblies and plays
  • Ability to recognise the differences between right and wrong
  • School trips and visitors which promote outstanding behaviour
  • Creating class books and displays regarding rules, Learning Powers and behaviour
  • Celebrations of outstanding behaviour and excellent etiquette such as Star Awards (class behaviour and rainbow rule keepers)
  • Peer and self-evaluation
  • Team games, sports events and extra-curricular clubs to promote collaboration
  • Understanding of the consequences of their actions
  • Planned investigations and developing reasoned views about moral and ethical issues
  • Class debates

Safety Development

Lollipop Crossing Monitors
Lollipop Crossing Monitors
Working with our Local PSCO
Working with our Local PSCO
Work on Anti-Bullying
Work on Anti-Bullying

Safety development is shown by:

  • Knowledge of the rainbow rules and why we have them
  • An understanding of e-safety
  • Exemplary behaviour around the school and outside of school

At Parkland Junior School we promote safety development through:

  • Planned SEAL and PSHE programmes
  • Discussing safe behaviour
  • Promoting making good choices
  • Assemblies with safety themes such as road and rail safety
  • Circle time
  • E-safety assemblies and meetings for parents to promote safe internet use at home
  • School council safety survey and pupil voice
  • Caring and having empathy for others and understanding their welfare needs
  • Participation in Anti-bullying week
  • Visits and visitors e.g. Our Police Liaison Officer

Year 6 Safety in Action Training