Term 4: Space

In keeping with our class topic, Space, we are imagining encounters with a Francophile alien.

What questions would we want to ask a French speaking visitor from another world?

If we had a chance to visit their world, what would we want to be able to say in French?

Comment tu t’appelles? What is your name?
Qui es tu? Who are you?
D’ou viens tu? Where are you from?
Qu’es ce que tu manges? What do you eat ?
Qu’es ce que tu aimes (faire) ? What do you like (to do) ?
A quelle distance est ta maison ? How far is your home ?

Term 4: French Music

This term in French we are creating our own playlist of popular French music. In keeping with this term’s topic, each week we are listen to new songs, discussing their meaning and voting for our favourites. We are also using a free translation app to explore the lyrics as well as learning about French culture and practicing translation skills.

See how fast you can count down from 40 in French!

Click on the links bellows and listen to our current playlist.

Term 3: Frozen Kingdom

To tally with the topic work on Antarctica, Year 6 has been learning a version of Going on a Bear Hunt. We have looked at vocabulary for family, positional language, body parts and arctic landscapes in the context of a fun poem learnt with actions. We also added in some common expressions about the weather.

A la Chasse à l’Ours Polaire

On va à la chasse à l’ours polaire, on n’a pas froid.

On va attraper un très grand ours, on n’a pas froid.

A la tête, aux genoux, aux doigts de pieds…

« il fait beau !»

On va à la chasse à l’ours polaire, on n’as pas froid

Nous sommes tous ensemble, on n’as pas froid.

Moi, mon père, ma mère, mon petit frère, ma petite sœur, mes amis, ma classe

 « Il fait un froid de canard ! »

Oh ! Une montagne, une très grande montagne…

On ne peut pas passer à côté, on ne peut pas passer en dessous,

Il faut grimper la montagne… Oh hisse ! Oh hisse !

« il fait un temps de chien ! »

(il y a une crevasse - sauter, un champ de glace -traverser,

une vallée profonde- descendre et remonter, un lac gelée…ne pas tomber ?)

Oh ! Une grotte, une grotte noire et sombre.

On ne pas peut pas passer à côté, on ne peut pas passer en dessous…

Il faut enter dans la grotte.

Oh ! Un ours, un très grand ours… on a froid… aux yeux !

Vite, il faut courir….

We’re Going on a Polar Bear Hunt

We’re going on a polar bear hunt, we’re not cold.

We’re gone catch a big one, we’re not cold.

On our heads, on our on our knees, on our toes…

“What a beautiful day!”

We’re going on a polar bear hunt, we’re not cold.

We are all together, we’re not cold!

Me, my dad, my mum, my little brother, my little sister, my friends, my class

“It’s freezing cold today!”

Oh! A mountain, a very big mountain…

We can’t go round it, we can’t go under it

We have to climb up it… Heave ho! Heave ho!

“What awful weather!”

(a crevasse – jump, an ice field – cross over, a deep valley – go down and up, a frozen lake - not fall…)

Oh! A Cave, a dark gloomy cave!

We can’t go round it, we can’t go under it…

We’ll have to go into it.

Oh! A bear, a very big bear, … we have cold… eyes! (meaning “we are scared” in French)

Quick, we have to run!

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Term 3: Scrumbidliyumpcious

This term we have been learning vocabulary based on meal times in France, our favourite foods, likes and dislikes.

  • le petit déjeuner (breakfast), le déjeuner (lunch), le souper (supper), le gouter (snack time)


  • aimer (to like or love), manger (to eat), boire (to drink), dormer (to sleep)


  • J’aime / je n’aime pas (I like / don’t like)
  • en voici (here is some), en voila (there is some)
  • j’ai faim (I’m hungry), j’ai soif (I’m thirsty)
  • oui, s’il te plait (yes please), non merci (no thanks)

Videos We Have Enjoyed