A very warm welcome to The Parkland Federation! The Parkland Federation is part of Swale Academies Trust. We use the Local authority to co-ordinate Admissions Applications for new school starters in Reception (Infant School) and Year 3 (Junior School).

For in-year admissions (applications made outside of the normal time of transfer between schools), they are initially made to the Local Authority (East Sussex) who then pass the application to the Academy. Acting as our own Admissions Authority, the Academy then decides the outcome of the in-year admissions requests and communicates directly with families.

Our Published Admission Number (PAN) is 30 pupils per class.

Applying For A School Place

As a parent, you are asked to state a preference of up to three different schools that you would like your child to attend.

Applications If You Live in East Sussex

On your application form, it is recommended that you list at least three different schools in case your first preference can’t be offered.

Applications If You Live Outside of East Sussex

If your child is transferring between schools after the normal age of entry or starting school for the first time at the age of 4+ and you are interested in them attending a school in East Sussex, you must apply through your ‘home’ local authority.  Your local authority will then pass your details to East Sussex Admissions to consider.  Your ‘home’ local authority will be responsible for letting you know the outcome of your application.

How Do I Apply?

Once you have submitted your application, you will get an email to confirm.

It is important to be careful and accurate in your application – if the decision to allocate a place at school is based on incorrect information (for example, a wrong address or date of birth) the place may be withdrawn.

If you are unable to apply online, please contact the Admissions and Transport Team for a paper application on 0300 330 9472.

Starting School for the First Time (Age 4+)

Application dates for children starting Reception for September 2021:

  • Admissions information available:  September 2020
  • Closing date for applications:  15 January 2021
  • Allocation letters and emails sent out (offer date): 16 April 2021
  • Appeal hearings:  June and July 2021
  • Induction days:  Summer Term 2021

Summer-Born Children

If your child was born between 1 April and 31 August, you can defer their start date by a year. They would then join Year 1. You can request that they start in Reception Year, however, this would need to be considered very carefully.

Starting School and Compulsory School Age

Children reach compulsory school age at the start of the school term following their fifth birthday. However, all children can start school in the September following their fourth birthday. All children are entitled to attend full-time but there are flexible options for parents who do not feel their child is ready for full time attendance. Children may attend part-time until they reach compulsory school age or you can defer entry until later in the school year (but not beyond compulsory school age). Again, this needs careful consideration. If your child does not start by this date you will need to re-apply for a school place. Please discuss your options with the Head of School once the school place has been offered.

Applying During the School Year or 'In-Year Admissions' (e.g. moving house, changing school)

An ‘In-Year Admission’ is the admission of a pupil to a school which takes place outside of the normal entry times. This includes pupils changing schools, pupils coming from a different country or from other parts of the UK, pupils returning to a school from living elsewhere or those that have not been in school. You can ask to change schools at any time.

You should apply online direct to East Sussex County Council.

Moving House

East Sussex will only use a new address for the purpose of allocating a school place when either contracts have been exchanged or when a tenancy agreement has been signed. Without this evidence, your application will be processed based on your existing address.

How Decisions Are Made

If there is a place, the school will admit your child. You will receive a confirmation letter from the school.

If there are not enough places for all the children applying, the school applies its Admission Priorities when deciding who is offered a place. Schools cannot make a decision on any other basis. The Parkland Federation Admission Priorities are as follows:

  1. Looked After Children and previously Looked After Children
  2. Children with an exceptional medical or social need for whom attendance at any other school would be inappropriate
  3. Children who will have a brother or sister at the school at the time of admission
  4. Children living within the pre-defined community area
  5. Children living outside the pre-defined community area

If there are no places available, the East Sussex School Admissions Team will allocate a school place at a different school or they may suggest your child staying at their present school, if this is reasonable. East Sussex will not overcrowd a school if there are vacancies at other schools and additional places will not be created unless there is a shortage of school places to meet a local need. You can choose to put your child on the school’s waiting list.  You also have the right to appeal if you are not happy with the decision.

Should you wish to consider making an appeal, please read the helpful advice below.

Finding a School Place for a Child with Special Educational Needs

If you child has special educational needs and has either:

  • A Statement of Special Educational Needs
  • An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

talk to your SEN Caseworker about which school you would like your child to attend. They will explain the next steps.

Considering an Appeal

You can choose to put your child on the school’s waiting list.  You also have the right to appeal if you are not happy with the decision.  Click on the appropriate links for more information.

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Considering an Appeal

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