2. How will the school support my child’s learning?

Class teachers plan lessons taking into account each child’s prior learning. If extra support is needed beyond this, the class teacher may talk to the Senco and a more personalised programme of support may be introduced. This could involve extra small group work, one-to-one support or the provision of extra resources such as visual prompts or timetables.

The schools will make all reasonable adjustments to ensure that all pupils can access the full range of opportunities within the curriculum. You may be given a “provision map” to show which extra provision your child is receiving. You can discuss this with the class teachers or with the SENCOs at any time, but particularly at parent consultation meetings which usually take place in both schools during November and March.

At both schools we respond to the current cohort’s needs, so the range of extra provisions will change. Currently the following are timetabled in both schools:

  • Jump Ahead – to develop children’s fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination.
  • Speechlink – to develop children’s speech production.
  • Language Groups – to develop children’s use and understanding of language.